Homemade Fairy Hearts and Stars Mobile


  • Wood peg people
  • Wood stars
  • Wood hearts
  • Wood circle
  • Hot glue sticks and gun
  • Fishing line or string
  • A couple of sticks
  • Water color or acrylic paint of your choice

Paint peg people, stars, hearts and the moon. Allow to dry.

Attach the hearts to the backs of the peg people with hot glue.

Attach string or fishing line to the top center of each heart, star, and the moon.

Tie a knot around the center of the bottom stick, leave some slack and attach the top stick by tying a knot to its center, leave enough remaining string to hang your mobile at the desired length. We sewed our string into the top of our bed canopy but you can hang your mobile from a ceiling hook. We recommend hanging your incomplete mobile first and then attaching the stars and peg people to your sticks. This way you can determine the correct balance and distribution needed so that the mobile hangs straight. Hang the peg fairies and stars at various heights for visual interest and to make them appear to really be flying! Once you have everything attached, you can secure your knots with a dab of hot glue.


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