No Sew Play Theater

Our play theater is a favorite among children.  It has been so many things, a house, a castle, a stage, a tent, a circus.  There is a window in one panel and a button-up puppet show.  It was so simple to make and the best thing is the way this is hung. By using velcro the children are free to pull the fabric down for whatever they need, tents, pretend water, and so on. 

  •  1 x 1 " wood dowels long enough to fit  the space desired. in the shape of a rectangle
  • Fabric long enough to fit floor to ceiling and wide enough for desired width, plus add about an inch on all sides for seams. Double if you would like your theater enclosed on the sides. Some thrifted flat twin sheets would be great for this. 
  • 1 package sticky velcro
  • No sew tape
  • 2" Wood screws

Attach the soft side of the velcro in strips along wooden dowels.

Next  screw the wood dowels into the beams of ceiling. 

Create a seam by folding fabric over and placing no sew tape in between, iron to fuse

Stick velcro onto top of fabric 

Hang and Have fun! 


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