Homemade Handkercheifs

Tissues can be rough on sore little noses. Our handkerchiefs are soft and simple. They have so many uses, you can use them as tissues, wet wipes, wash clothes and more! These are also the perfect size to fit into diaper wipe containers! 


  • Fabric, cotton flannel is best
  • Thread

Cut fabric into 8" x 6" rectangles. You'll need two pieces for each handkerchief. 

Using a sewing machine zig-zag stitch around the edge. One stitch will catch on the fabric the other will not. A serger works great for the edges also!

We use a wooden box to store our tissues at home

Essential Oil Wet Wipe Recipe

  • 1      t    olive oil
  • 1/8   t    baby shampoo
  • 12  oz    water
  • 1 drop    favorite essential oil

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