Linen Garden Independence Apron

Our Linen Garden Apron is the simplest project, even beginning sewers can make it within 10 minutes! Our apron is designed for independence; children can easily take it on and off by themselves.  It's a soft and airy treat that protects clothing and gives a few extra pockets to collect garden treasures and store garden tools.

  • 1 yd Unbleached Muslin Linen
  • Sewing Thread
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape

Fold muslin into quarters (top to bottom, then side to side), so the fabric folds are at the top and the left side,  with raw edge at the bottom.

For the bodice (neck, shoulders, to just under chest) template above, we simply traced one of our dresses onto copy paper. Fold the dress in half to trace and there's no need for a seam allowance, just trace around the outside.

Pin the template to the top left corner of the fabric and extend the angle to the end of the fabric or to your desired length. If you are not sure, just hold your fabric up to your child.

The apron is open on the sides. The only sewing needed is to stitch up the length of the sides and around the neck line with either a zig-zag stitch, straight stitch, or serge to prevent fraying.

We added some pockets on the front by cutting 7" x  7" squares from our remaining fabric scraps. We folded and pressed a quarter inch around all sides. Then hemmed the top of the pocket and pinned it on our apron, with the hem facing inside. Next we sewed over the top around the pockets left, right and bottom edges.


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