The Healing Power of Arnica


What do you do when your child comes to you with tear filled eyes and a boo-boo that looks like it's going to bruise?

We used to think sympathy and a kiss were the best remedies, but we have a different solution, Arnica cream, and we thought we would pass on the tip for anyone who hadn't heard as well.  

So just what is Arnica and why do you use it?  Arnica is an herb that is indigenous to North America. It has been used for centuries after injuries as an anti-inflammatory, painkiller, and local antibiotic. It helps to prevent bruises and swelling, it helps to relieve arthritis, muscle pain, and even sunburn. We find the aroma very calming and soothing.

We found out this last weekend just how useful Arnica really is on our camping trip in the Rocky Mountains.  A relative had an allergic reaction to a local plant when setting up a tent.  With a little Arnica the welts and itching were immediately gone.  I got a little sunburned and was surprised at how soothing the Arnica was on my skin  and my two little ones had a couple of scrapes and bruises from playing on the rocky shores of the lake. A little Arnica and things were all better. By the time we got home my Arnica was almost all gone but we were feeling great and didn't have any bumps or bruises! 

We purchase our Arnica from Weleda, but it can be found in many health and nutrition stores.

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