Mushroom Hat

Our simple to make mushroom caps are so much fun and can be used for a variety of purposes.  

  • Red and white flannel
  • Elastic
  • White and red sewing thread

Cut a large circle from your red flannel. Cut several small white circles from your white flannel.
The larger your circle the more poofy your hat will be. We traced ours from the top a small round table (about 1.5' diameter) and we used a votive candle holder to trace our white spots. 

Pin the white circles on top of your hat. Remember that you will be folding over the outer inch. I placed one circle in the middle and then worked around the hat creating a dot pattern. 
With white thread sew circles onto hat. 

Measure your child's head circumference with your elastic. You will want the elastic just slightly shorter than your child's actual measurement so that the hat will fit snugly, but remember you don't want it too tight or it won't be comfortable.

Fold over the outer edge. Pin or iron. Sew a 1 inch seam around the outer edge of your large red circle leaving small portion open to thread elastic through. 

Using a safety pin thread elastic. Sew elastic end together. Then sew the opening in the seam shut. 

These also make really cool stool covers, pillow covers, bags and more! 

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