Classic Sock Monkey Toy

Does your little monkey need a monkey? This classic toy is easy to make from recycled socks. 

  • Two wool socks
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Wool roving
  • Felt
  • Red chunky wool yarn
  • Felting needle

Turn sock number 1 inside out. Lay flat as shown so that heal is facing up (if this is set the wrong way, the monkeys bottom won't be in the right place), sew legs as shown (we didn't round the bottom of the legs, we just sewed straight across so the bottoms were square). Then cut up the middle between your sewing lines. The hole in the center of the legs is for stuffing and turning, so don't worry about that now. Turn your sock right side out through the hole. 

Turn sock no. 2 inside out. Sew the tail and arms.  Don't worry about sewing the ears and mouth. We used the bottom of a spool of thread to get the half circle of my ears and it seemed the perfect size.  

Stuff sock number one with wool. You will stuff the legs, and bottom. To give his bottom weight, we used rice to fill from the waist down.  Your choice, wool or wool rice mixture. Sew hole closed. 

Next turn the arms and tail right side out. Stuff with wool, tuck end under and sew to body. 

For the ears we cut out a small piece of beige felt, just smaller than our ear circles. Then using a decorative stitch attached the felt while sewing the ear border to prevent freying. Next sew ears to the head by hand. 

For the mouth tuck under ends and sew. We used pins to hold the mouth in place while we sewed around the edge. Again, we like circles so,  we tucked our edges in to create a circular mouth. 

For the  eyes cut two large beige circles of felt and two smaller brown pieces of felt. To do this, we stuck a carpet tack into my felt and simply cut around the outside. For the larger beige circle we used a large snap as my guide to cut around. Then we sewed the eyes into place. 

For the mouth we cut a small piece of wool yarn and needle felted it into place. 


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