Knitted Hen Tutorial

Barnyard Rhyme

16 worms climbed up the pole
Then the farmer said, 'no more'
But there was no hen to chase them away 
and so the worms turned around and still played
until a square they had made
Then one by one they jumped on down
and left a square upon the ground.

Then the cow walked by and said 'oh my
A hen is needed in that sty.
Let's fold the square in half'
the cow said to her little calf.
and the little calf did what she asked
but said, 'how do we make her not flat?'

The spider said, 'I'll sew the sides and leave a hole
but what can we use to stuff her full?'
Then the lamb said, 'I'll give come carded wool.'

Then the spider sewed her up real sweet
 and the piggies said, 'let's make a beak'
Soon the little hen was done
and the barn yard said, 'that was so much fun!'

Cast on 16 stitches and knit a square. Bind off. 

Fold the square in half on the diagonal. 

Sew  up both sides with a yarn needle leaving enough space (about an inch or two) for turning and stuffing. 

When stuffing shape the triangle into a hen form. The bottom corner will turn under and become rounded. The two top corners will become the beak and tail. Once finished stuffing, sew up the stuffing hole. 

For the beak, we used a cross stitch and made several on top of each other, until they formed a beak. Then we used a felting needle to firm the beak up a bit. For the comb, we made two stitches across the top, then leaving some access we made a loop by tucking our yarn under the two stitches. 

For a rooster, cast on 18 stitches and add a tail when when finished. 
For baby chicks, decrease the cast on stitches to 10.


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