The Indoor Trapeze

We have so much fun with our indoor trapeze. Of all of our toys, this has to the favorite day in and day out. Perhaps because it lets the children exert their physical abilities and get back into "the swing of things" so to speak. We notice that whenever the children need to release some energy, get some more energy, or just need to sooth themselves, the swing is what they seek as the swing carries within it the child's own natural movement.

What we also love about this swing is the way it has improved our children's confidence, balance, and coordination. Having the swing within the house has given them ample opportunities to test their abilities when they felt ready to and to practice whenever the inclination struck them.  

How to Make Your Own Indoor Trapeze


  • 1 large wood dowel 
  • 1 large nylon rope about 4 feet in length
  • 2 heavy duty eyelet screws weighted for your child's weight

Cut the dowel with a saw to your desired width and sand the edges. 
(Just a note, if you don't have a saw, most hardware stores will cut it for you for a minimal fee.)

Drill a hole in the exact center. (this is very important otherwise your handle will be off balance.)

Thread the rope through the hole and tie a knot at the bottom. Cut off the excess rope off. Melt the end of the rope with heat from a lighter, fusing the strands together to prevent fraying. For the knot, the king knot is suggested,  it is often used in rescues for its dependability; which is the only kind that can stand up to our swinging. 

Find a sturdy ceiling beam that can support your child's weight and then some. Once you have found the beam, use a drill to make a pilot hole that is just slightly less in diameter than your eyelet screw. Then screw in your eyelet screw into the pilot hole in the beam.  

Use a king knot again to attach the swing at the top. 


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