Flying Friends

Making rooms magical for children is such a treat!  The wonder it brings to children can take even adults back to the excitement of childhood. Our flying friends kit will help you and your little one create special friends of your own. Each kit comes with seven different colors of wool, all the supplies needed, and simple instructions for making. You can also purchase flying friends already made in our rainbow and seasonal packs! We also will create personal Flying Friends for you and your child upon request that comes with a personalized story.

Flying friends are tiny pieces of colorful wool that come to life as you create them. They watch over your child as they play and will appear to "fly" whenever they encounter the slightest breeze.
Each of our packs come with a story about flying friends that will bring a sparkle to your child's eyes and leave them delighted with the endless possibilities in creating their own special friend.

You can purchase Flying Friends at our store anytime! 


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