Personalized Art Pillow

Make a personalized  pillowcase with your child's art! This process is so simple and so much fun, we just had to share! Real Batiking calls for hot wax and special tools. This kid friendly technique, uses washable blue elmer's glue and watercolor paints to achieve a similar effect. You can use this process on almost any material. We have used it on silk to make, starry sky and rainbow play silks, and to make rainbow baby blankets.  


  • Cotton Pillow Case
  • Blue Elmer's School Gel (regular white glue won't work)
  • Watercolor paints or 1/2 tbsp acrylic paints in 1 cup water (the darker the paint, the bolder the color)
  • Piece of cardboard to paint on

 Place cardboard inside the pillow case (so that glue don't transfer to the other side). 

Using the glue have your child write their name or any other design they wish such as stars, hearts etc. Allow 24 hours for the glue to dry.

Paint the pillow case! Remove the cardboard insert if you would like to paint both sides at the same time by the paint water soaking through. Or you can leave the cardboard in, paint one side, allow to dry, and then paint the other.

Once your paint is dry toss in the wash with some fabric softener or vinegar in the rinse cycle. (this softens the painted pillowcase). Dry in dyer as usual.


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