Fairy Mobile


Our mobile above draws its inspirations from here
We made several adjustments to make it Moonbeams and Applesauce easy!     

  • 1 package of silk hankies from Dharma Trading
  • Bendable branch
  • Florist wire
  •  Thread (gold or silver looks best)
  • Cotton balls 
  • Sewing needle

Color your white hankies varying shades of the rainbow by using this tutorial here

Once your hankies are colored and dried, place two cotton balls in the center of a hankie. Wrap silk around the cotton ball (head) and hold it tight (around the neck) secure with a long piece of thread at the base, tie with a knot. 

Thread a needle with the two tales remaining from the knot at the neck, then go into the neck with the needle and out through the top center of the head, pull the string out and through the head, leaving a long tail for hanging the fairy from the mobile.

Repeat the above process with each remaining fairy

Bend your branch into a circle and secure it with florist wire. 

Divide the circle in three, mark, and then tie three pieces of thread at each marking, check to make sure the circle is balanced for hanging.

Tie fairies to the mobile in a slow spiraling ascent by varying the lengths of the thread.



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