A Gathering Game

Many professionals, even with plenty of experience, find the idea of gather a group of young children together an intimidating prospect. It's not easy! After all, you are competing for attention against enticing toys, friends in the middle of playing together, strong wills opposed to transitions, and some children who may never have sat in a circle before! Gathering children together is actually quite simple, once you've found your inner child. We use a gathering game because games are the universal language of fun! 

 Sung to Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush. 

This is the we all join hands, all join hands, all join hands, 
This is the way we all join hands and find our little friends.

And then we go round and round, round and round, round and round 
and then we go round and round and... we all... fall... down!

To start reach out your hand for the nearest little one to gather with you as you begin to sing the first line of the song. 

The child holding your hand gets super excited because they are the first one in on the game. This excitement spreads across the room like a wild fire, as one by one the children put down their toys and rush to join in too! 

 Once you are all collected, pause for a minute smiling...the excitement builds. And then sing, 'and then we go round and round, round and round, round and round',  while you all run in a circle holding hands. 

At the end of the verse when, "we all...fall... down" the children are naturally sitting together, legs crossed, and we are ready for the fun of circle time to begin. The kids had fun playing a game and everyone is joined in naturally. Very sneaky, but oh so perfect for gathering! 


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