Preserving Autumn Leaves Pt 1

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. 
 ~Albert Camus

Preserving leaves can become a cherished tradition. First there is the thrill of the treasure hunt in finding the prettiest leaves, then there is the warm smell of the beeswax that fills the house, and next the beautiful colors of the season brought into the home. But, perhaps the best part of preserving leaves is the family memories. Preserving leaves in beeswax is simple, see our tutorial in part 2. And here is our suggestions for making it fun to collect them! 


  • Collect leaves from the trees, the ground ones stems aren't as strong.
  • Pick when the leaves are at their brightest. It is fun to watch the tree together and decide as a family when "the perfect" time for harvesting is.
  • Bring a stool outside so that the littles can help with the harvesting.
  • Warm some apple cider in a crock pot before going out to collect leaves. It's a nice treat to come back inside to. 

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