Super Simple Lined Pants

Scarecrows agree, when the weather starts to get chilly, layers make for warm kids. Use our simple tutorial to easily create lined pants from your child's favorite jeans and softest outgrown sweats.

  • A pair of jeans 
  • A pair of sweatpants or fleece pants
  • sewing thread to match pant color
  • embroidery floss
  • chalk

Turn jeans inside out

Pull sweatpants/fleece pants right-side out over your jeans,  the jeans and sweatpants wrong-sides will be together. 

The ends of both pants should be even. Pin them in place. Then cut off sweatpants/fleece pants elastic waist so that the top part of the sweatpants/fleece pants fits just underneath your the jeans waist band.

Using a piece of chalk, create a rubbed outline of the zipper. Cut around this outline so that the sweats fit around the zipper.

Attach the sweatpants/fleece pants to the jean by hand stitching around the top of the sweats (just below the waist line of the jeans) and around the zipper with navy thread. This is simple and takes minutes. 


Attach the bottom of the pants with embroidery floss using a blanket stitch.


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