Light Table Watercolor Painting

Paper so white
Colors so bright
Red, yellow, and blue
Let me paint with you!
-our painting rhyme-

Wet-on-wet watercolor art is created by painting watercolor paint onto wet paper. The paint floats on the surface of the wet paper; swirling and blending into other colors creating a beautifully soft effect when dry. Painting this way is a soothing sensory activity for young children that teaches naturally about color theory.

Did you know our tray can be used to paint watercolor paintings on a light table? Painting on a light table is an incredible experience! The light reflects from below illuminating the fluidity of the colors 'playing' together.  The transparent color shines in rich, pure and vibrant hues!  And what's best of all is that our tray perfectly contains all supplies and messes, making clean-up a one-step breeze!

  • Our light table and tray
  • Watercolor paints 
  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paint holder and jars
  • Paintbrushes
  • Rags 
  • A jar of water

If painting for two, cut watercolor paper in half. Wet paper.

Place wet paper onto tray, along with watercolor paint jars, paint brushes, a jar of water, and a rag.
We used our paint jars to separate the work space for two and a small vase to hold various sized brushes.

Turn on your light table and creativity! To learn how to paint with watercolors, please see our watercolor painting tutorial.

When finished, allow art to dry.

To clean: simply carry the tray to sink, remove supplies and art work, and rinse out!

The light table, what a beautiful tool for learning, especially when combined with the art of watercolor painting.


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