Keeping Kids Warm in Cold Seasons

The depth of winter is a cold and sleepy time.  As the nights grow darker and the days grow colder, so too can our children feel. December, at the heart of these cold months, is a wonderful time to balance the outside frosty forces of nature with some inner warmth, excitement, and celebration.


  • Feathering the nest!  Cozy throw blankets left about the house to cuddle up in, a mug cozy, and hot water bottle cover. Warm sweaters, long underwear, socks and slippers. Flannel sheets, an extra cover on the bed, a favorite hat and pair of mittens, all do wonders for keeping children and homes warm.

  • Warm and spiced food. Warm meals and drinks like apple cider and hot cocoa warm children up from the inside out, not to mention make the house smell delicious! Colder months are made for warming soups and stews and fresh baked breads. And don't forget the spice! Spices bring a warmth of their own to any dish! 

  • Nothing says warm and cozy than the soft glow of light. Be it a crackling fire, a candle, or a twinkle light, the ambiance light creates is warmth.

  • Music. Merry melodies can bring a jubilant atmosphere to any room.

  • Colors can bring a festive warmth to any room. 

  • Go outside! Breathing in the cool air outside makes the inside feel so warm and cozy. 

  • Joy to the World! Celebrating and being buoyant brings warmth and joy to our lives. There's so much to celebrate; family, home, the earth we live in, the wonder of life and seasons.

  • Tradition. Like a favorite story or blankie, things we know and trust bring security and warm feeling.  Having tradition brings comfort and warmth to children. Traditions don't have to be just for holidays, they can be as simple as reading a short story every night at bed.

  • Love. The warmest thing of all! Smiles and hugs warm the heart long after they are given!

 One aspect to keep in mind when celebrating with a young child is to keep things simple. This not only supports the needs of young children who are easily overwhelmed by too much stimulation, but it creates less stress in the adult's life as well. So often we can easily feel pressured to create elaborate events and decorations, but none of this is needed for meaningful celebration.  Simple gestures and mood are what build the fondest memories and are what speaks deepest to children.

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