Inexpensive and Incredibly Simple Rustic Decor

 As a treat for our readers, every year Moonbeams and Applesauce decorates in a different theme for the holiday using inexpensive and simplistic decor to show that festive goodness doesn't have to be complicated or cost a fortune!

Pictured in our room:
A grapevine wreath with bow, garland made of christmas tree cutting scraps and florist wire, Ikea lanterns and tree topper, a homemade popcorn and cranberry garland, Burlap Stockings, Sock Snowman, a basket of apples, a child's rocking horse, family snow globes, and we used a galvanized metal tub as a tree skirt. Our total cost was well under $50!

These charming stocking are made of burlap. Quickly stitched together,  a decorative ribbon and lace attached using no-sew tape. Personalize with a red sharpie! Hung from the fireplace with an inexpensive gold curtain rod.

Hand painting takes patience and an artist's touch. Get the same effect with half the effort using a sharpie marker. These are inexpensive craft store wood cut outs. Painted white.  Decorative ribbon is attached with hot glue.

Our Sharpie Ornaments paired with a popcorn and cranberry garland made with a needle and thread. 

A cookie jar for marshmallows, a thrift store tin for hot coco packets, some spice candy, candy canes and mugs = one fun hot coco bar! 

Use ribbon and a sprig of Mistletoe to add a festive touch to family portraits. 

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