Wood Sun Puzzle

Wood toys are so durable. They can withstand almost anything children throw at them and will last for years. Crafted with imagination, these open ended toys let the children add to the wonder. Wood toys are surprisingly easy to make. Get started making your own wood toys with our simple but oh so fun Wood Sun Puzzle.


  • Scroll saw
  • Goggles and protective gloves
  • Pine wood
  • Sandpaper
  • Food color
  • Paint brushes
  • Our beeswax polish

Trace the outline of the toy you wish to cut onto your wood piece.

Using safety goggles and gloves, carefully cut around the outline on the wood.

Sand the edges until they are rounded and smooth. Sand the surface lightly to prepare for staining. Clean away any sawdust.

Use food coloring to paint your wood piece. Allow to dry.

Seal with beeswax.


  • Pine is a soft wood and best for beginning toy makers.
  • Keep your toy's outline simple and with brood curves like our sun puzzle. Leave the intricate details for when you've had more practice.
  • Food coloring is the best stain, watercolor paints don't stain as well.

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