Reading and Writing Preparation and Chores

Household chores that prepare your child for writing may sound too good to be true, but common household tasks can greatly help your child cultivate memory and concentration while also developing fine motor skills needed for writing. 

Washing a Table
Demonstrate washing a table top from left to right, top to bottom, in circular motions.  This repeated physical motion will become ingrained and when writing begins, writing (left to right, top to bottom) will feel very natural to your child.

Washing dishes
When your child is finished eating, ask them to help wash dishes. Let them play in the water. Spilling it from cups and tipping water out of spoons. These activities all helping prepare for writing and provide a sensory rich experience, while participating in family life boosts their self-esteem. 

Kneading bread strengthens the hand and fingers. This little one above is developing his pincer grasp and hand-eye coordination by sifting flour. Allow your child to pick up small objects like blueberries and place them in pancake batter. Keep a small set of child size tools that fit childrens' hands and make work easier. 

Table Manners
Table manners aren't just ediquitte, they are writing prep too! Holding a fork, cutting with a butter knife, and using a spoon are wonderful tools that develop fine motor skills! 

Although your child may be slower and not do the job just right, it's important to let them practice. Here is a previous post I made on how to make your home allow greater independence. 

  • Buttoning
  •  Zipping
  • Snapping
  •  Tying 

Don't forget to have fun too! 
Toys that require the use of the index finger and thumb, known as the pincer grasp  used in gripping a pencil, are the best toys for writing prep. 
  • Threading, lacing, and stacking toys
  • Dolls with clothes that can be removed; tied, buttoned, zipped, snapped.
  • Puzzles especially those with knobs
  • Jack in the box or music boxes
  • Dominos, pick up sticks, card games (memory)
  • Crayon Drawing
  • Play Dough
  • Colored Pencils

Stories, Rhymes, and Songs

  • Story Telling
  • Finger Rhymes
  • Singing
  •  Talking
  •  Playing Together 
Finger plays are a fun way to build fine motor skills. Many finger rhymes you many may already know, such as The Eensy Wheensy Spider and This Little Piggy Went to Market.


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