The World Around Me: Geography for Kids Felt Continent Map and Free Printable

First geography for kids! It's a big world out there! Make it come alive with our
  FREE printable! It teaches beginning geography in a fun interactive way. Use on its own or as a template to create a reusable felt puzzle map. And, best of all no sewing required! You can also use our printable as nomenclature cards. There's so much fun to be had in learning about our world! 


  • 3' x 3' piece of felt for the water
  • 7-pieces of felt for the continents, we used grey but colors would be great too! 
  • Light weight cotton fabric
  • Freezer paper 8 1/2" X 11"

Print out our seven continent printables.

Cut around the edges of each continent. We cut Antartica in thirds to stretch across the bottom of the  map.

Use as a template to cut out your felt pieces.

Iron your light weight cotton fabric to a piece of wax paper (wax facing down).
Stick into your printer, and print onto fabric our continent labels. 
Remove wax paper and cut out labels.

Attach large piece of felt to wall using thumb tacks. Stick continents to felt. Use a pencil to trace their outlines. 

Play with the world! Have fun matching and naming the continents!


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