Deck the Walls!

This easy to remove kid-friendly tree takes only pennies to make.

What's needed:
Washi tape
Clear command hooks
Scrapbook paper
Twinkle lights

Cut out ornaments and a star from scrapbook paper. We traced around a hot cocoa mug on the back of our scrapbook paper to create an ornament template.  

Attach washi tape on the wall in a triangle shape for the tree and a rectangle for the base.

Using a zig zag pattern we placed 6 command hooks on the wall to affix the lights. 
(Have no fear the command hooks easily remove and won't damage your walls.)

Allow the kids to 'decorate' the tree with your paper ornaments. Kids may also enjoy decorating individual ornaments with crayons or puffy paint. 

 Such a beautiful and eco-friendly way to celebrate the season. We just had to share!

Fa la la la la la la la la! 


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